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Wheal Media Limited

Wheal Media Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 8341867

and is run by John Wheal

John Wheal

I am the Founder of MyTechBlog and Director of Wheal Media Limited. I’m studying MEng Computer Engineering at the University of Portsmouth.
John Wheal

with the philosophy

to teach

We provide tutorials on a wide range of technology topics to teach the reader.

We believe in quality, not quantity, allowing us to produce the best tutorials on the Internet.

to inform

We provide 'what is...' videos and articles to inform the viewer/reader.

You need to know what something means? We'll tell you fast.

to express

We provide reaction to the latest technology news and predictions of future tech events.

We also offer comparison and top ten articles to express our views about the technology world.



March 2012 - Initial launch in partnership with

July 2012 - New Website Design

September 2012 - New Logo (current)


January 2013 - Wheal Media Limited becomes the owner of MyTechBlog

June 2013 - Wheal Media Limited acquires

July 2013 - MyTechBlog becomes a fully registered UK Trademark


January 2014 - Major website relaunch


MyTechBlog receives tens of thousands of unique visitors each month.

At present we don’t offer advertising directly to third party advertisers. We are currently evaluating the different options and hope to have plan in place within the next couple of months.

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