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We invite comments on the articles written here on MyTechBlog. We know our readers and viewers have plenty to contribute and that we are not the source of all wisdom. But we are determined to set as high a standard for comments as we are trying to maintain for our own work.

One of the great things about the Web is that it allows so many people to post what they think. But one of the worst things about the Web is that so many of those comments are juvenile, venomous, self-promotional or irrelevant. We won’t be publishing that stuff here.

So, here are the rules for comments:

First of all, we won’t publish anonymous comments. We think people should stand behind what they post here, just as we do. While we realise that there is some value in allowing people to disguise their identities, we think that is outweighed by the tendency of people to hide behind anonymity to post flames and slander, or to make seemingly unbiased comments that actually serve their business purposes, rather than to truly advance the discussions here.

We will not tolerate comments that contain personal attacks towards ourselves or other readers. We welcome critiques and alternate views but there is a limit. We will remove comments that call people corrupt, or stupid, or contend that they are taking positions because they are evil or immoral.

We also won’t tolerate comments that we consider racist or sexist or derogatory to any religion, sexual orientation or ethnic group–or that we believe promote hate or bigotry, or are offensive.

We monitor all comments posted and will be removing those that violate our standards.

Finally, we reserve the right to ban from commenting anyone who is violating these standards, or who we believe is disrupting the site, or creating a tone or atmosphere we consider inconsistent with the tone and atmosphere we want here.