iOS 7 – What’s new?

By on 10 June, 2013

For much of the population, today is just a normal Monday, but for Apple fans it’s like Christmas. Today’s event marks the start of Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). Both iOS and OS X received an update along with much more. This will all be detailed in a later post.

The pictures below basically say it all. Wow. Who said that Apple aren’t innovative any more?


iOS 7 HomescreeniOS 7 HomescreeniOS 7 ClockiOS 7 KeyboardiOS 7 LayersiOS 7 Weather

Control Centre

Swipe up from the bottom and you get access to your common settings, and even a flash light.

iOS 7 Control Centre


Multitasking is completely different and shows a full screen preview of your apps. At first glance it looks like many of the concept videos.

iOS 7 Multitasking


Safari has been updated with a new design for switching between tabs. You can also get a quick look at your reading list.

iOS 7 Tabs

Air Drop

This allows you to share photos and documents between devices, similar to when you would have once used bluetooth. It has been available on the Mac for over a year but is now available on iOS.

iOS 7 Airdrop


Improved Photos and Camera App

You can now apply filters directly within the camera app. Viewing your photos is made even easier with automatic organisation into albums based on location information.

iOS 7 Photos


The old Siri has got the sack and a new voice is being used, coupled with a new user interface. The new Siri is even more intelligent with deep Twitter integration, Wikipedia and lots more.

iOS 7 Siri

iOS in Car

This isn’t very clear and I’m not entirely sure if it is a stand alone device or a dock. Whatever it is, you can use it in your car.

iOS 7 In Car

App Store

The app store has a number of improvements including automatic updating and ‘apps near me’. No surprises for guessing what that does.


Music App

The coverflow has gone and the Music app has a totally different design.

iOS 7 Music

iTunes Radio

This is something that was predicted to be announced today. In essence it is like Pandora or any other kind of internet radio. It is available for free to all, and ad free to iTunes Match subscribers. At launch it will be US only with no mention of availability in Europe.



This is difficult to assess from the keynote. I think the fact that it got a standing ovation from those present in the audience sums it up.

A developer version is available today, which I’ll be downloading in a minute and will report back shortly.

If you are interested in finding out what is new in OS X Mavericks check out this post.

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