WWDC 2013 Rumors and Predictions

By on 6 June, 2013

It’s June, which means one thing, Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). Starting this coming Monday (10th June) with a typical keynote event, Apple is widely expected to reveal iOS 7 and a new version of OS X, presumably OS X 10.9. Some people even seem to be expecting a new iPad and iPhone. I’ll be taking a look at these WWDC 2013 rumors and assessing the realistic chances of these becoming reality.


iOS 7

This rumor is certain to come true on Monday as it has now been over a year since iOS 6 was first unveiled, and so a new mobile operating system is overdue. A developer beta version will almost certainly be released on Monday, but public availability will have to be later in the year to allow developers time to update and test the new system. This timeframe will allow Apple to cover the new features in the keynotes throughout the week at WWDC.

I believe that Apple are going to do a major redesign of iOS, which has had pretty much the same design from day one. Jony Ive, Apple’s designer has recently switched over to focus on software. Whatever Jony Ive designs, people seem to like, so you can expect great things. The big discussion has been around a new “flat deisgn”, this is in contrast to the glossy realistic textures currently seen in Apple’s software.

iOS 6 to 7 Concept iOS 7 Flat Concept

The pictures above are just some of the concepts that I have seen for the new design. Only time will tell what the new version of iOS will actually look like.

With the design aside, what new features can we expect to see? For many years now there has been talk of widgets coming to iOS. I’m not so thrilled with the idea but the concept image below is certainly interesting.

iOS 7 Homescreen Concept

OS X 10.9

I have heard a number of rumors that this year’s update to Mac OS X will be delayed due to the engineering team rushing to complete iOS 7. Apple has previously stated that developers would at least see its new operating system at WWDC. As for the new features, I feel sure that Siri will make an appearance for the first time in OS X.

I find that one of the weakest areas of OS X is multitasking. This was an issue that Apple partially resolved with ‘Mission Control’, but I still think that it can do more. Other than this, not many rumors currently exist for OS X.



A recent patent application by Apple and comments made by Tim Cook have added fuel to the rumor that Apple will announce a wearable wrist device, most likely called iWatch. Is this really the next big thing? I would be very surprised if we see an iWatch at WWDC, after all this is a developer conference.

iWatch Concept

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro received a disappointing update last year and has even been completely pulled from sale in Europe over non-compliance with certain safety requirements. Some might think that this is the end of the Mac Pro, but Apple has confirmed (this is rare) that they will be releasing a redesigned Mac Pro for “later” in 2013. WWDC could be the perfect opportunity for Apple to announce the new Mac Pro as a large number of developers and professionals will be present.


I feel sure that we will see new versions of iOS and Mac OS X at WWDC but I’m less than convinced about the new hardware. What do you think we will see at WWDC? Leave a comment below


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