WordPress 3.6 – What will be new?

By on 29 June, 2013

I’m a big fan of WordPress and use it on most of my projects. It would appear that I’m not alone as it is powering an estimated 60 million websites worldwide. As with any CMS, updates are needed to stop it stagnating. Following the recent release of WordPress 3.5.2, WordPress 3.6 is the next major update for the platform. This post outlines some of the new features that will be coming to WordPress 3.6.

Improved Auto Saving

I have a rule that I will never write a post directly into WordPress. Instead I use a word processor and copy the final post into the online editor. In the past, on countless occasions I have lost all my work. WordPress 3.6 brings auto saving every 15 seconds to hopefully make this problem a thing of the past. Writing a long post or having a long period of inactivity could cause the browser cookie to expire and force you to login again, at the expense of all your data. WordPress 3.6 will instead provide a pop-over so that all your data remains.

Wordpress Autosaving

Post Locking

Multiple author software has always had a number of challenges. Post locking will prevent another user overwriting someone else’s work by mistake. The current post editor is also displayed.

Wordpress Post Locking 1

In the event that you actually want to edit the post, a warning is displayed.

Wordpress Post Locking 2

This feature will certainly be useful for multiple author blogs. I have seen first-hand how chaotic it can be, especially for large blogs or news sites, where mistakes can happen quickly. In my opinion this is an area where WordPress is particularly poor.

Revision Management

I have always found the current revision management user interface to be very confusing, especially when comparing revisions. WordPress 3.6 will have the addition of a slider to easily scroll through the changes.

Wordpress Revisions

I’m guessing that this isn’t a feature that is used by most WordPress users but can be a life saver.

Menu Admin

The admin area to edit menus has seen a refresh to make it more user friendly. It will be separated into two sections, ‘Edit Menus’ and ‘Manage Locations’.

Wordpress Menus 1 Wordpress Menu 2

New Theme

In true WordPress tradition, a new theme will be bundled with this update. The theme will be called, you’ve guessed it, twentythirteen. The previous year’s themes will likely be included as well.

I recently said,

“There’s no need to look at the new theme, you’ll be seeing it on enough websites”.

So many WordPress users have either never heard of themes, or never had a need to stray from the default. The noticeable things about this theme is obviously the vibrant color scheme. It is also fully responsive for the first time.

Wordpress twentythirteen

Post Formats

Different post formats have been available in WordPress for some time but this update could see a new user interface and a change in focus.

Wordpress Post Formats

My opinion is that this should stay away from the WordPress core. If people want to use WordPress for this type of purpose there are plenty of other services which are more suitable, for example, Tumblr.

There has been a lot of confusion whether this feature will be available in WordPress 3.6 (hence why it is last). The latest word from the core WordPress developers, is that this will be available as a plugin only. Similar to the MP6 project (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry). You can read more information about the decision on the WordPress website.

What do you think of these changes and are there any new features missing? Leave a comment below


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