Install Arduino Drivers on Windows 8

If you are reading this article you have probably already discovered that installing the drivers for an Arduino on Windows 8 is not straight forward. If you follow through the instructions on Arduino’s official website ( you will receive the error message “The driver is not digitally signed”. Surely this is a warning? No, Microsoft thinks differently.

Driver Not Digitally Signed

In order to install the driver you will need to disable driver signature enforcement. To do this, open the charms bar and click Change PC Settings. Then go to General and under Advanced Startup and click Restart Now. This will obviously restart your computer so make sure you have saved any work.

Windows 8 Advanced Startup

When the computer starts up click Troubleshoot

Windows 8 Troubleshoot Startup

Then Advanced Options

Windows 8 Advanced Startup Options

From the next menu select Startup Settings and then Restart

Windows 8 Startup Settings

The screen displayed allows you to “Disable driver signature enforcement” by pressing key 7.

Windows 8 Startup Settings Options

Wait for the computer to restart and follow through the Arduino’s instructions again. You will be presented with a security warning when installing the drivers.

Click Install this driver software anyway and the installation will continue.

Windows 8 Driver Security Prompt

You can now repeat the steps to re-enable digital sign enforcement if you really want to.

Continue with the installation and have fun using the Arduino.

Images courtesy of: Next Of Windows

Arduino Windows 8

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