How to set custom nameservers with GoDaddy

In this tutorial I will take you through how to set custom nameservers with a domain name registered with GoDaddy. There are a number of different reasons why you may wish to do this, including using a third party DNS provider or host.

Note: GoDaddy periodically updates the user interface so it may look slightly different.

The first step is to visit and login to your account. Next, under ‘My Account’ click ‘Launch’ next to domains.

GoDaddy Change Nameserver Step 1

The next step is to find the domain name that you wish to set to use custom nameservers. Click the arrow on the right and from the dropdown select ‘Set Nameservers’.

GoDaddy Custom Nameserver Step 2

Select ‘Custom’ and then ‘Enter custom nameservers’.

GoDaddy Custom Nameserver Step 3

Enter the desired custom nameservers. If you have more than two nameservers, click ‘Add Nameserver’ to add the desired number.

Note: The details below are for the purposes of this tutorial

GoDaddy Custom Nameserver Step 4

Once you have entered all your nameservers, click ‘Add’.

GoDaddy Custom Nameserver Step 5

Finally click ‘Save’ to apply the changes.

GoDaddy Custom Nameserver Step 6

This may take a few minutes to complete and even a few days to fully propagate globally (depending on the DNS TTL values). You can check that you have successfully changed the nameservers by using a free whois service.


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