iOS SDK – Getting Started

To get started creating apps for iOS devices you are going to need the following:

  • Apple Mac (You can not develop apps using Windows or Linux)
  • Latest version of Mac OSX (Lion)
  • An internet connection

You can download the tools from the Mac App Store for free-

It is also a good idea to visit and sign up as a free developer  to get access to the sample code and documentation.

The only drawback of signing up for a free account is that you can’t run your apps on an actual iOS device, only the simulator. While this may not be a problem initially, if you are serious about iOS development you are going to need to sign up as a paid developer ($99 a year). This allows you to submit both free and paid apps to the iTunes App Store (for paid apps Apple get 30% of the sale and you the developer gets 70%). Being a paid developer also allows you to get access to prerelease software.

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