iOS SDK – Getting Started

To get started creating apps for iOS devices you are going to need the following:

  • Apple Mac (You can not develop apps using Windows or Linux)
  • Latest version of Mac OSX (Lion)
  • An internet connection

You can download the tools from the Mac App Store for free-

It is also a good idea to visit and sign up as a free developer  to get access to the sample code and documentation.

The only drawback of signing up for a free account is that you can’t run your apps on an actual iOS device, only the simulator. While this may not be a problem initially, if you are serious about iOS development you are going to need to sign up as a paid developer ($99 a year). This allows you to submit both free and paid apps to the iTunes App Store (for paid apps Apple get 30% of the sale and you the developer gets 70%). Being a paid developer also allows you to get access to prerelease software.

Please comment below if you have any questions.


II am the Founder and Director of Wheal Media Limited and a student studying MEng Computer Engineering at the University of Portsmouth.
John Wheal
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Hey, I am so new to this, im looking to invest in an apple mac to create an app rather than paying someone to make one. This is probably going to sound really dumb but if i was to desing an app where users could log in and have their own page where people could comment, is this a general feature that I would come across when designing it? Or is that more advanced? And if it was possible for me to do, would the isers information be stored online somewhere or i have to have a server type thing my end??! So sorry for the sily question

John Wheal
John Wheal

This would be a very advanced app. I'm sorry to disappoint you but unless you already have significant skills in app development then this will be way too advanced. There is no general feature that accomplishes this task. The only way the app could work would be to store the information on a server. (This is completely separate from app development). This would be extremely advanced and would cost a lot of money. You would also have to be in charge of security of the data... I'm really sorry but if you think you have a great app idea it would be best to contact a development company. But be warned they are expensive and the app would be way beyond just app development and so many companies would feel that it was too complex. Let me know if you have any more questions.